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Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing Services

The invoice processing activities involve lot of crucial checks, which is time consuming affair. Improper handling of invoices can drain company’s resources. The verification process gets delayed and this also becomes the cause of anointment for vendors as they do not receive payments in right time. These suppliers may decide to break business with the organization in future.

So, to mitigate risk, you should outsource this task to invoice processing service providers and raise the profitability of your business. Select Resource Factors as your trusted invoice processing partner and award your business with competitive edge.

Our professionals receive your invoices and perform checks for ascertaining the accuracy of data. Then, they import the data into your account payable system by deploying file transfer protocol. We have the capability of handling huge volumes of work. So, worry not and just place your requirements to us for availing flawless and efficient invoice processing services.

Our Services Include:

  • Validation of data for determining right value, code, etc
  • Tallying purchase orders with invoices
  • Carrying out data extraction from headers and line items
  • Full logging of each transaction
  • Checking cashing and handling
  • Carrying out scans of paper invoices
  • Creating of receipts of e-invoices
  • Generating purchase order receipts of supplier invoices

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